Should travel to Tam Dao one day book a tour?

Should travel to Tam Dao one day book a tour or go on a self-sufficient basis? This is probably the question of many tourists before deciding to start the journey to discover Tam Dao. Each form brings its own interesting points, so, in the middle of choosing to go on a self-sufficient or tour tour to Tam Dao in just one day, many visitors could not help but wonder.

Tam Dao is famous destination in the northern of Vietnam

Going to Tam Dao on a fun day?

First of all, to answer the question of whether Tam Dao tourism should book a day or not, you should know about Tam Dao. See the tour at

Traveling to Tam Dao for one day, if you just listen, everyone will feel not enough and not already. But try to spend a day in Tam Dao, you will find that time is extremely suitable to explore and enjoy the interesting things that this beautiful land has to offer.

Starting from 8:00 am, around 10:00 you will come to Tam Dao in green and cool. The travel time is quite fast, so when you arrive you can explore the beautiful scenery around the town such as the bustling Tam Dao Center, the stately ancient Tam Dao Stone Church ... Load more energy for the journey. Next interesting afternoon in here.

Discovering Tam Dao one day, you will surely have plenty of time to visit Thien Nhi peak, watch towering TV towers on top of misty mountains, visit famous Windy Quan fog or admire Silver Falls unleash the white foam hidden deep between majestic mountains Wandering to buy a few gifts of Tam Dao tourism for loved ones, enjoy the attractive specialties here but still have plenty of time for you to feel this rare fresh air.

The trip will end at around 18:00, Tam Dao one day trip will be a memorable experience you do not want to miss.

Tay Thien pagoda in Tam Dao

Book a day tour to Tam Dao, should or not?

In fact, depending on the needs and purposes of your travel to be able to choose the most appropriate form. With the form of self-sufficient travel to Tam Dao will be suitable for young people who love the experience, passion for the sunny and windy roads as well as being able to take initiative in their flexible time. The most commont Tam Dao tour is

There are many people who think: "Come to Tam Dao one day then go by yourself, need anything for a tour", or "Tam Dao tourism is not worth a day to book a tour". However, nowadays, Tam Dao tour is getting more and more tourists interested and selected by the convenience as well as significant cost-saving incentives.

For tourists traveling in large groups such as corporate tour groups on vacation, groups of friends, student groups, extended families ..., the one-day Tam Dao tour is extremely suitable. With a group of people, if you are self-sufficient to go to Tam Dao, the time to worry for all the problems that arise during the trip also makes you excited to have fun. Therefore, the tour is available you will no longer have to headache with the detailed planning such as: Going by any means? What to eat delicious? Where both cheap and comfortable? What is fun and safe to play? What unique places to visit in Tam Dao? Because all have been selected by the travel company you choose to arrange. The only thing for the team members is to prepare personal belongings and a refreshing spirit for the memorable trip.

Kavo travel company staff

In addition, a part of tourists who appreciate the form of self-sufficient travel will have some incorrect thoughts such as: “Taking a tour is confined time, not comfortable. Booking tour prices will be higher if not pairing enough quantities for a group of guests. Actually absolutely not so! In the Tam Dao tour schedule or any tours in other locations, there is a time for visitors to freely explore and shop. In addition, the tour cost will be "pegged" right from the moment the customer decides to book a tour, including all services included in the tour, the date of departure, whether or not many guests (in case you choose the picture) split tour), the amount you pay for that trip will not change. So, for those who want to travel alone Tam Dao, go with a small group of friends, booking a day tour Tam Dao will also be worth a look.

The most important thing that can not fail to mention is the selection of a reputable travel company that helps you send full confidence and hope for a convenient, meaningful and affordable trip to Tam Dao. Khat Vong Viet Trade and Tourism Co., Ltd. with nearly 10 years of experience in operating and organizing domestic tours, especially Tam Dao tourism is one of the programs that receive high appreciation from customer side. Khat Vong Viet is committed to becoming the best service provider to customers, so during the operation, the Company has always actively diversified tourism products with many attractive tour schedules.

Should travel to Tam Dao one day book a tour? Let Khat Vong Viet Travel convince you with impressive journeys!

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